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We believe in finding pause; a few minutes to breathe deeply and still your mind.  It's in these small moments of recharge and reconnection that we believe lies the power to live a calm and more conscious life.  

It was the calling for a more holistic life that gave birth to Pure Thoughts back in 2004. In a bid to escape the everyday bustle, we found ourselves living in a remote old Derbyshire cottage.  It was a time of soul searching and discovery; including a silence that we never knew existed. It was there, in one of those quiet, reflective moments that we found our path and Pure Thoughts was born.  

Today, over a decade later, we've evolved together both as individuals and a creative business.  Our deep rooted beliefs, and slow unhurried methods help us to mindfully bring our products to life. At the heart of each one lies a blend of essential oils consciously created to help connect your mind, body and spirit.

Pure Thoughts products give you reason to slow down.  They carry with them our love and encouragement for you to find pause in your day; a moment to breathe deeply, reconnect to what matters and give thanks for all that you are blessed with. 




Pure Thoughts Founders - Leanna & Michael

Sharing a life and business is a blessing - of course we've had over a decade to work out the creases.  Celebrating each others strengths is our secret to creating the precious synergy that has been essential in helping us raise our business.  In life outside of work, our creativity spills into our kitchen; we love great food and can usually be found experimenting with new flavours and recipes all while enjoying large glasses of red wine.


Our Collection

Honouring the nature of our ingredients, we instinctively blend them together using traditional, unhurried methods. The result is a holistic collection of natural products that you can trust.

Cruelty Free & Vegan
No Palm Oil
No Parabens or SLS
No Synthetic Colours or Fragrances

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