5 Tips for Getting Back on Track When Old Habits Take Over

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How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? A poll undertaken by ComRes a few years back revealed 43% of people who made at least one resolution for the year ahead had failed before January was even up.

Many people tend to adopt an ‘all or nothing’ approach to resolutions and goals. If they trip up, they stop trying altogether. Dieting is one of the most popular goals set by people when the clock clicks over from one year to the next. Eating more healthily also ranks highly. But as soon as someone eats a piece of chocolate, or has a ‘forbidden’ dessert while out for a meal, that’s it – they think of themselves as a failure.

Yet it is hard to discard old habits. It takes time to form new ones. It’s also far better to reach a goal by taking the long way around than it is to abandon it altogether. In fact, it’s very unlikely you’ll achieve your goal without the odd slip up or slide back into old habits.

So, if you’re struggling, try these tips to help you get back on track.

I once read that a mistake is only a mistake if you do not learn from it. I love that. We can learn something from every situation we experience. Think about what went wrong. What could you have done to prevent it? Make a note of the steps you might have taken to stick with your new habits. By writing them down, they will solidify in your mind and make it easier to follow them in the future.

Humans make mistakes. We can also learn from them, as we discovered above. It’s very easy to be hard on yourself for not achieving perfection. But there is much to be learned on the journey you are making. Remember why you set your New Year’s Resolution to begin with. Remember how much it means to you. Remember why you want to achieve it. Go easy on yourself and resolve to get back on track immediately.

Everyone benefits from having someone close to them who believes in them. Sometimes, no matter how hard we may try, it is difficult to summon the support and encouragement we should give ourselves. If you choose someone to be your champion, they can step in when you find it hard to do this yourself.

Some people agree a New Year’s Resolution or goal with a partner, loved one, or friend. Maybe you both want to lose weight, or get more exercise, or stop smoking. Doing something together means one person can pick up and support the other when they’re having a rough day, and vice versa. You don’t need to go it alone.

Setting a resolution for the year ahead is admirable. It also means you’ve got 365 days to stick to it. If you slip up, it’s no wonder you feel as if you’ve failed – especially if it happens in the first month.

Instead of ditching the goal altogether, tell yourself that tomorrow is another day. It worked for Scarlett O’Hara – it can work for you too. Agree to start again tomorrow and refocus your energies on that, instead of looking back at what you did wrong. Forge ahead with renewed determination and positivity!

Think about what went wrong. Why did you fall back into your old habits? For someone trying to lose weight, eating out at a restaurant is a real challenge, for example. For someone trying to quit smoking, socialising with people who love to smoke is difficult.

While you don’t need to abandon these things altogether, you could find ways to make them easier. Perhaps you won’t go out for a meal for the next few weeks, until you are more settled into your new healthy eating routine and better able to make healthier choices from the menu. Maybe you will stay inside the pub when others go out for a smoke. What other ways can you think of that will help you with your resolutions?

We’ve seen that setting a resolution for the New Year is a tough ask. It is also something some people achieve every year. Just imagine how wonderful it would be on New Year’s Eve this year if you could look back and say, ‘Hey, that was a tough journey, and I tripped up a few times, but I made it!’ Or, you might say, ‘I never thought I would do it, and I failed here and there, and it was harder than I thought, but I made it!’

You know, you might even say, ‘I didn’t quite achieve my goal, but I tried all year and I’m nearly there!’ Wouldn’t that be marvellous?

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