How Important Is A Holistic Night Time Routine?

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The benefits of a night time routine are endless; most importantly they help you prepare for a beautiful and restful nights sleep.   I'm sharing my night time ritual in the hope that it inspires you to create your own - please know that it took me many months to get this to where I wanted it.  I started with quite literally 3 minutes of meditation each night and built from there.  I'm a big believer in starting exactly where you are and so create something that works for you and take baby steps.

LIGHTING - Come to think of it, I've never liked bright lights; I'll sit in a dark room reading until the last shred of light is gone rather than sit under an artificial light - thankfully my kindle saves me from that these days!  In my last couple of hours before bed I try to keep the lighting around me to a minimum - I light candles or use a small lamp.  If you can avoid the main room lights then that's great and try and switch off your screens, including the TV a least an hour before you go to bed.  

YOGA - This is my way of saying thank you to my body after it's supported me through another day.  It brings me a sense of re-connection that nothing else does and I love the sense of achievement that comes with every small improvement.I've intuitively created my own routine with poses that suit my body and I practise every night at home just before I meditate.

MEDITATION - I'm passionate about maintaining my meditation practise and it's been transformational for me.  Despite first learning about it in my late teens, it took me almost two decades to make it a regular practise.  I'm so glad that I did because the benefits have been endless - it's helped me to turn down the volume on the mental chatter, become less reactive in stressful situations and generally much more calm.

JOURNAL - I don’t journal in the traditional sense but I'm determined to give it another try!  For now, I use a 5 year memory book - it gives me a few lines to write about the most memorable parts of my day and it's fun to look back over previous years.  I've managed to maintain my current book for over 4 years which is a record for me! If you like the idea of giving this a go - this is the book that I use.  

EARLY NIGHT - There's stacks of reasons why we should all get an early night - mine quite honestly is very simple, I love my bed!  I also love - nearly as much - a really early start to my day.  This means that I'm very often in bed before any self respecting child would be!    

So there's my night time routine, it's simple and it works for me.  How do you celebrate the end of your day and prepare for a good nights sleep? 

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