Guest Soaps 30g

Guest Soaps 30g
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Grapefruit & Lemon Natural Guest Soaps

Rebalance mind and body.  Embracing and sweet with uplifting essential oils; grapefruit to clea..


Lavender & Chamomile Natural Guest Soaps

Inspire calm.  Floral and sweet with serene essential oils; lavender to calm, geranium to resto..


Lemongrass & Green Tea Natural Guest Soaps

Embrace new beginnings.  A healthy dose of green tea to exfoliate, together with invigorating e..


Patchouli & Orange Natural Guest Soaps

Evoke positivity.  Warm and sweet with grounding essential oils; lemon to refresh the spirit, o..


Wooden Soap Dish

Prolong the life of your natural handmade soap bar with a well draining soap dish. This grooved dish..



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