5 Tips for Getting Back on Track When Old Habits Take Over

Posted by Leanna 31/01/2019 0 Comment(s)

When it comes to resolutions or goals most of us tend to adopt an ‘all or nothing’ approach. And, if we trip up, we can sometimes feel like giving up altogether - but I promise that if you stick with it, it always gets easier...

Of course, there’s no denying that changing your daily habits can be a challenge, i’ve read that it can take anything from 30-60 days to create new ones and so it’s no wonder that the first few weeks are the ones that test us the most!  With a little resolve and determination I’m sure that the changes you’re dreaming of will be within reach and those old habits will be nothing more than a memory.

But, if your faith in yourself is slipping a little and you’ve been finding old habits creeping back into your daily life then here’s a note of the things that always help me get back on track...

It’s said that a mistake is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it. I love that. We can learn something from every situation we experience. Take a moment to think about what didn’t work out. What can you learn from it? Make a note of the things that might have helped you to stick to your new habits so that next time you have a plan of action to follow. 

We all make mistakes, we’re human! It’s too easy to be hard on yourself for not achieving perfection. Show yourself some compassion and think about why you set your intention or goal in the first place. Remember how much it means to you and why you want to achieve it. Be kind to yourself and resolve to get back on track as soon as you can.  

It helps to have a plan for those days when your own self encouragement and love hits a low point, because that happens to us all. Find a friend or online community that can step in and offer you the support you need. Try sharing your intentions with a loved one or friend and be each other’s support and accountability partners - and if you share similar goals like getting outdoors more or eating a cleaner diet then you can encourage each other along the way. Remember that a facebook group full of like minded women can be just as supportive and so have a look around and jump in - you don’t have to tackle it all alone!   


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If you slip up, start over - it’s really that simple. Don’t waste time berating yourself. Just make sure that you don’t put off starting over, don’t wait for a new day or a Monday to turn a new page. Refocus your energy, dig up a little determination and get started.

What caused you to stumble and slip back into old habits? Maybe it was a challenging day at work, a conversation didn’t go the way you’d hoped or perhaps your hormones have been holding you hostage.  On those kinds of days don’t try looking for motivation - it’s a waste of energy - what you need to do is create motivation. And the easiest way to do that is to commit to one small action, it can be the smallest thing BUT you have to do it right away. Put on your workout clothes, drink a glass of water, walk around the block, write in your planner, you get the idea...start small and once you’ve got started you’ll feel a little more motivated to carry on. 

Need a little extra help making those changes? Then here’s my 30 day printable habit tracker, grab yourself a copy and feel your motivation increase with every one of those boxes that you check off.



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