6 Tips For Simplifying Your Life

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Do you ever feel like life is too complicated? You’ve got too much to do and that you’re spending time you don’t have on things that just don’t really matter?

I know the feeling well. Sometimes, our lives can become so cluttered that you wish there was a reset button somewhere so you could start over! 

Well, as far as I know...there isn’t such a button. But a few changes can help to ease the pressure and help you see the road ahead a little more clearly. 

The key is to simplify as many areas of your life as possible, starting with the ones that cause you the most anxiety or stress. Because, there’s a lot to be said for living a simpler life...you’ll feel calmer, much less stressed, and more confident in yourself.

There are so many ways to start simplifying your life, and every step - no matter how small makes a difference.  The great thing is that many of these tips will help you feel more positive right away - give one of them a try today....

You can do this in all areas of your life. I like to start with physical clutter though because it always feels great and opens up space for new abundance in your life. Start wherever you can; kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, book cases, drawers - how about the loft space of your house. Please donate everything that’s in great shape (or hasn’t been used) because it can bring joy to someone else...and then recycle what’s left.

Decluttering can feel overwhelming to some of us and so please take it slowly if you need to, acknowledging your emotions as you go. It can be a very therapeutic process and helps us to not only let go of the physical clutter but also the emotions tied up in them as well.

After decluttering it can be helpful to refresh the energy of your home with our Home Cleansing Ritual Kit.     

I do this once a quarter because a full inbox creates a busy mind! If you receive emails that you never read or maybe you mark them to read later - but never do! Then, unsubscribe...no one will mind, I promise.

If this is all you do today to help simplify your life then I promise you’ll feel better straight away...just think of the time that it will save in the long run. 

I love technology, but it can be a drain on your energy and time. Time spent on devices can easily spill over into precious time that we could be spending with loved ones or on increasing our own self care and wellbeing...and don’t you always say that you’d love more time? Well, learning how to disconnect from your devices, is one way to create it.

I’ve been conscious of this myself recently, and have created some clear boundaries around my own usage of devices both at home and work. I never check my phone until mid morning and later I put it in a drawer so that I can enjoy my evening without distractions - the key is to put it where you can’t see it otherwise you’ll be tempted to pick it up! 

Creating time every day to disconnect feels liberating, quiets my mind and helps me focs on what’s really important in my life. I encourage you to give it a try - you’l be amazed how good it feels. 

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You know that I’m an advocate for us all creating more time for ourselves but how does creating time for wellbeing help you to simplify your life? Well, as we take the time to step back and nourish our body, mind and soul we become clearer about our path; the things that matter to us and those that don’t.

This clarity helps us to see what is no longer serving us and gives us the strength to remove it from our lives thus creating a more simple and harmonious lifestyle.

For me, I use meditation, yoga and EFT to keep my wellbeing on track but for you it could be something different. It doesn’t matter what you find the most inspiring, only that you’re consistent with your practice.

If creating time for yourself is new to you, then take a look at my earlier post for a few more tips on getting started

Eating on the fly, often has us reaching for what’s convenient rather than what’s best for our health. That’s okay once in a while but probably not the best solution in the long term! It sounds simple but it can be so helpful to plan a few healthy meals for the week ahead so that you can be sure to pick up or order the ingredients that you need.

Not only does this simplify your day but it makes your evenings less stressful and adds to your overall health and wellness. Don’t forget to include a few lunchtime ideas to save you picking up lunch on the move - when you’re often too hungry to say no to the extra sugary snacks!

I’ve saved this one until last because it can take a bit more work than the others.  Take a moment and think about this...do you often say yes to things and regret it afterwards?

I’ve done this too many times and still once in a while I’ll slip up and do it again...you kow the feeling I’m sure.  Giving ourselves the permission to say no to something you don’t want to do, or you don’t have time for it is okay...and no guilt is needed. Saying no can take some getting used to and so here are a few tips on going about it

You don’t have to say no to everything, but by reducing a few of your commitments or simply not taking on any new ones, you’ll begin to simplify your time and create some space in your life for things that help to increase your health and happiness. 

That’s just a few ways to help you get started on simplifying your life. If they brought up any feeling of overwhelm then take it slowly...remember that every step you take makes a difference and over time you’ll see and feel the benefits.

Pick one way to get started today and look forward to a happier, simpler life.  


Co – Founder of holistic skincare brand, Pure Thoughts and advocate for women finding pause in their day to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect to what matters. Loves early mornings, dogs and books that you can’t put down.

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