7 Things to Let go of Before 2019...

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It feels like summer was only yesterday and so it hardly seems possible that we’re approaching the end of the year.  And, what a year it has been!   

While we look back at the months that have passed and pick up those little signposts that can help us make the changes that we dream of, it’s also worth taking a few minutes to think of all the things that you want to let go of before welcoming a fresh new year.

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Clutter creates stagnant energy which isn’t conducive to a fresh start, and so a good declutter is a great place to begin.  Avoid the overwhelm by taking it one room, or cupboard at a time.  Let go of everything that no longer serves you or makes you feel happy;  donate what you can though because most things can go on and create happiness for someone else.

Maybe things haven’t progressed as much as you’d hoped this year and it’s left you feeling frustrated? Try your best to reframe it in a more positive way and look for the lessons, they’re usually there if you look hard enough.  Then, take a few deep breaths before starting on a new plan of action to get things moving in the right direction.     

It goes without saying really but regret is a very destructive power.  Left to fester it creates negativity and can stop you from moving forward.  If there is nothing you can do to heal the wounds of regret then the only option is to forgive yourself and let go.  I know that in reality this can sometimes be a challenge and so please seek the guidance of an alternative therapist, if needed.

Most of us know at least one person who falls into this category.  It can seem harsh to distance yourself from someone in your life, especially if they are a family member.  But if they harbour negativity and love nothing more than sharing it, they aren’t doing you any good.  Let them go with good grace; you’ll be surprised at the changes you notice in your state of mind once they are gone. 

I believe that what we think of as failure is often only a closed door and is there to guide us, and lead us towards something that we love even more. With that in mind, whatever it is that you feel that you have failed at this year, look for the lesson that it has taught you before making peace with it and letting it go.  When doing this I Iike to create a ritual of writing down on paper all of the emotions that i’m feeling about it and then burn the paper in a safe place outdoors before burying the ashes. This helps me to let go of whatever i’m feeling and leave it behind before going back indoors.

Do you find you compare yourself to others a little too often? It’s so easy to do.  But, it’s a habit that can easily spiral out of control and leave you in a constant state of dissatisfaction.  Let’s be honest, most of the time you’re only seeing someone else’s life from the outside anyway and you can’t truly use that as a measure.  Comparison is a huge waste of your energy. Break the habit by focusing inwards and find time to express gratitude for all that you are blessed with.     

Let this year be the one that you find more time for yourself; to explore a creative passion, follow a dream or take better care of your body, mind and spirit. Most of us have a tendency to over commit to projects and say yes to things that we really don’t want to do. This year try saying no a little more often (here are a few tips) and create space for the things that make you happy.

Without releasing these types of energetic and physical baggage, they’ll continue to hold you back and stop you from achieving what you dream of.  But, remember that one foot in front of the other - no matter how slowly, is still progress and will move you in the direction that you long for.     

It’s my hope that reading this inspires you to take action and sets you on a path to a inspiring and healthy new year.  

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