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Some days it doesn't take much to change your mood; a bad commute, a careless comment or a customer having a bad day. Before you know it there's clouds blocking that blissful 'take on the world' attitude that you woke up with.  I used to be the worst for this, I'd let the smallest things steal my positivity and focus.  These days I always have a plan - well actually it's more of a list.  A handful of things that help me gain perspective fast and get my day back on track.  Here's a few of my favourites...


Negative Self Talk -  We all know how fast this can spiral out of control.  It takes us to dark places and unless you shine a light into it's corners it'll lay claim to everything it can.  The key is to recognise it as quickly as possible, once it's got in a couple of right hooks, swing right back at it with unconditional love and kindness - just like you would if you were speaking to your best friend. Here's how to use mindfulness to quiet internal chatter.

Rest - Even 10 minutes in a quiet space with a cup of tea can work wonders to calm emotions and gain perspective - simple but effective.

Eat - Its too easy to reach for the wrong types of food when you’re feeling down.  And when the guilt hits we all know it'll leave us feeling worse than before.  Try eating something fresh that naturally gives your body and mind a boost - and makes you feel virtuous for making a great choice.

Shower- Once I've dealt with my negative self talk, this is the first on my list.  Just step into the shower - with a natural soap bar if you'd like - and wash it off.  Let your negative feelings run down the plug hole and step out feeling cleansed and balanced.


Dance -  When does dancing not make you feel good?  NEVER! Crank up the music and shake it.  I defy anyone to not feel better after 3 minutes dancing!

De-clutter - Ridding your space of things that no longer serve you feels so good.  If you don't have time for a major clear out then just start with that drawer that drives you mad - there's always one!  When you do get chance for a bigger de-clutter then I can highly recommend the KonMari method - 'The life changing magic of tidying up' by Marie Kondo is a great read and will get you thinking about clutter is a whole new way.

Walk- This is great if you’re at work and having one of those mornings!  Grabbing a brisk 10 minute walk in your lunch break helps to release mood boosting endorphins and will help you feel so much better.  Read more about how walking boosts health and happiness.


Write - Getting the thoughts out of your head and onto paper can be very therapeutic especially if you’re having trouble finding the roots of your negative feelings.  There's no need for anything fancy, a piece of scrap paper will do.  Pour out your feelings until the clouds begin to clear and then tear up or burn the piece of paper.  

Gratitude - Focus on the good things in your life and list at least 5 things that you’re grateful for.   If you struggle with this then start with the little things that we take for granted every day; fresh air, clean water, food - you get the idea! Here's my favourite tips for developing a gratitude mindset.    

Pray - Ground yourself by spending time with your chosen higher power.  Take a few minutes to reconnect and talk things through.

I hope that's inspired you to make your own list; I'm sure that you can think of a few extra things that you’d like to add.  Carry the list with you until it becomes second nature and when negativity rears it's head you'll feel ready to tackle it.

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