Natural Soap 120g

Natural Soap 120g
When you step into the shower with one of our soap bars, it's about so much more than getting clean.  Its about the olive oil that saturates your skin with moisture.  The swirl of essential oils that dance around your senses.  It's about savouring a moment of peace.  It's about reconnecting to what really matters and it's about counting your blessings - every last one of them.

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Eucalyptus & Rosehip Natural Soap

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mindfully created® to encourage you to find pause 
in your day; a moment to breathe deeply,
give thanks and reconnect.


Made with the oils of olive and coconut, enriched with shea butter and high in naturally produced glycerine to help keep your skin moisturised and healthy.


Contains aromatherapy blends of mood boosting essential oils to help uplift and refresh your senses.  


Created in small batches using a traditional, cold process method which is energy efficient and helps us produce the most gentle soap bars.   


Coloured naturally with botanicals, herbs and spices.







"Soaps arrived very speedily and I have already started using them - they are as good as they sounded on your website - I will be re-ordering. Many thanks for a great ( British made), product!"

Sally, Northamptonshire

"We received our order yesterday and couldn't resist trying out one of the little soaps straight away. It was heavenly. Lovely subtle scent and left me feeling super hydrated and not dried out like many other natural soaps I have used. It seemed to calm my very sensitive skin completely."

Paula, West Midlands

""I was delighted to find a British handmade soap maker who produces an unscented natural soap bar.  I have sensitive skin and am generally sensitive to perfumes and fragrances, including essential oils.  My Pure Unscented soap arrived very promptly the day after I ordered it and was beautifully packaged."

Wendy, Otley

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