12 Ways to connect with nature

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I've always found that connecting with nature feeds my soul like nothing else can - it doesn't matter whether it’s a woodland walk with my dog or a simple picnic in the garden.  It's that re-connection to the world around me and the reminder that I'm part of something so much bigger than myself that instantly restores my sense of perspective, peace and clarity.

Finding ways to build your connection to nature is the best form of therapy there is.  Not only does it have the power to ground and centre your spirit but it's also easy and usually free - a powerful combination!      

To encourage you to get outdoors and build that connection, I've made you a list of ideas that should be easy to fit into your day.  Of course, I appreciate that it's much easier to get outdoors during the warmer months - especially here in England and so I've included a couple of things that you can do regardless of the weather...  

Feel the earth beneath your feet - stand barefoot on grass; feel how solid it feels beneath your feet and focus on your connection to the earth.  

Drive the scenic route to work - enjoying the view when sat in morning traffic, especially on a warm day will help you arrive at work feeling more positive than usual.

Make outdoor dates with your friends -  arrange a picnic or outdoor walk rather than sitting in a busy indoor space like a coffee shop.

Enjoy your lunch outside - get your daily quota of vitamin D by eating your lunch outside, if possible try and find somewhere green but if that's not possible don’t let it stop you.  

Take your yoga practise outdoors - on those warmer days why not take your mat outside and listen to the sound of the birds while you move.

Grow something - whether it's a veggie patch or a few seeds on a window sill, nurturing a plant is one of the best ways to feel connected to nature.

Hug a tree - one of my favourite things to do, no matter who's around! I've always been drawn to trees; I find the biggest, wisest looking one and wrap my arms around it as far as I can - it's a truly grounding experience. 

Watch a sunset - find a moment of solitude, a warm drink and settle down to watch the sun set.

Practise mindfulness outdoors - find a quiet spot where you feel safe and focus on your breath flowing in and out.  If you have a few minutes to spare then try focusing on one sense at a time to see what you can hear, smell etc.

Bring the outside in - during the winter months it's sometimes easier to bring the outside in and there's no better way to do that than by filling your home with fresh, new houseplants.

Use essential oil - find an oil that evokes an outdoor feeling for you - my favourites include lavender and pine - diffuse the oil in your home or carry a bottle with you so that you can smell it throughout the day.

Go for a walk - such a simple one and it's free!  Walk to the shop rather than take the car, walk the kids to school or take the dog for an extra walk around the block.  It's much easier to fit in than you think.

How easy are they?  I'm sure that there's something there that you can do today - let me know what you've tried in the comments below

12 Ways to connect with nature
How to connect with nature
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